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Never ship another feature your customers don't like ever again

Simply describe a problem you want to solve, and our AI will generate smart questions to ask your audience. Embed the feedback widget anywhere, and Uini will interview users, ask follow-ups, and summarise the responses.

Uini is free forever. Upgrade whenever you want.


of the interview generated by Uini and customised by you.


personalised user insights and feedback, thanks to Uini's AI-powered technology.


continuous user research and analysis, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Plug in, tell us your problems, we'll take care of the rest

AI-powered from the ground up to question your users and gather your insights

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Automatic & contextual AI follow-up questions

Uini automatically follows up on your users answers using our bespoke AI to drill deeper into their thoughts and experiences with your products.

You can customise which questions should be followed up on.

Sentiment analysis boxes

AI-powered summarys

Gone are the days of sifting through your data to find the right insights.

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No-code configuration

Add our snippet, and you're done. Control the flow of your questions from the dashboard.

Question example

Auto-generated questions

Not sure what to ask your users to gain real insights? No problem. We generate your questions for you.

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Teeny-tiny footprint

Our widget is ~50kb, and can be installed on any website in a matter of seconds.

Install in seconds

Uini provides a universal widget that can be installed in any website in a matter of seconds.

  • Install once, configure as you like
  • Choose when your widget appears and how via the dashboard
  • ~50kb minified JS for minimal impact on site load time

<script id="uini-w" type="module"

Never guess about your product again

No more trawling through dashboards and data

  • Validate your ideas before you build

    Eliminate guesswork and costly mistakes by validating your ideas with real user feedback before investing time and resources into development. Our platform enables you to gather targeted insights from your target audience effortlessly, ensuring that you're building features and products that genuinely resonate with their needs and preferences.

  • Interview your users with AI follow up questions

    Gain a deeper understanding of your users' experiences and pain points through intelligent, personalized interviews. Our AI-powered follow-up system probes further into initial responses, uncovering valuable context and nuances that would otherwise be missed. This rich, qualitative data empowers you to make informed decisions and continuously refine your offerings.

  • Find out if people actually like that feature you just shipped

    Launching a new feature is just the beginning. Discover whether your latest release is truly resonating with users by tapping into their authentic feedback. Our platform seamlessly collects and analyzes user sentiment, giving you a clear picture of what's working well and what areas require further optimization – ensuring that your efforts are aligned with user needs and driving tangible value.

Understand your users and optimise your product right now

Start recieving insights from your users completely for free, collect up to 20 responses with no credit card required.


$ 0
  • 1 Site
  • 1 Problem or Survey
  • 20 AI follow ups per month
  • AI Summaries and suggestions


$ 19
  • 1 Site
  • 3 Problems or Surveys
  • 250 AI follow ups per month
  • AI Summaries and suggestions
  • Email Summaries Soon


$ 69
  • 10 Sites
  • 10 Problems or Surveys
  • 3000 AI follow ups per month
  • AI Summaries and suggestions
  • Email Summaries Soon
  • Theme the Uini widget Soon


Uini is a platform that helps you understand your users and optimise your product.
Uini is the ideal solution for gaining invaluable user insights throughout your entire product development lifecycle.

  • Validate Ideas: Before investing resources, test product concepts and get feedback directly from your target users to ensure you're building something they actually want.
  • Refine Designs: During the design phase, gather qualitative data from real users experiencing your prototypes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Optimize Launches: After launching a new product or feature, automatically collect user feedback at scale to understand what's resonating and what needs refinement.
  • Enhance Existing Products: Continuously monitor your live products by interviewing active users, uncovering pain points and opportunities to improve their experience.
Once you create an account and create a site, you will be provided with a snippet of JavaScript that can be included in your website.
You can configure your survey via the dashboard. Regex based triggers can be used to control what pages your survey will appear on for your site as well as timing delays.
Absolutely! You can fire a JavaScript function in your site to show and hide the survey.
Definitely not! Uini takes care of that for you, simply enter your problem statements and the survey will be created for you. You'll be able to edit, add and delete questions at any time.
Definitely. Each question can be toggled to allow or disallow Uini to follow up on an answer from a user.
Not at all, the Uini widget is expertly crafted to compile down to JavaScript that minimally impacts your websites performance. No heavy UI libraries here!

Start understanding your users effortlessly

Generate your first survey, and start understanding your users with Uini.